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Here is what I think....  You should have a great time at your wedding. Don't worry about that smile, or looking too stiff or whatever else. Just relax and enjoy the day. Spend time talking with old school friends. Party like the old days. Enjoy conversation with the old folks. Cry a bit, laugh a lot, and maybe drink too much. It's all good. It's your day so celebrate it your way!


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one year later and John’s beautiful photographs of our wedding are the most important objects I own
— Lindsay & Alex
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real moments documented

Because the whole do-that-again request is so lame, right? I'm an expert at anticipating moments, and being in the right place at the right time. It's easy to dictate a situation and make a pretty picture, it is a true skill to be in the right place at the right time to capture a moment unfolding.


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candid wedding photography
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I seriously wish we could get married all over again so we could see all the amazing images you would create!
— Olivia & Nic
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candid wedding photography
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we are completely blown away, the photographs were absolutely amazing!
— Bethany & Kevin
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modern wedding & engagement portraits

The approach is simple, I set the framework and let you be yourself within it. This mean no precision posing, and no awkwardness. Instead, I let you be you. The end results are a series of modern portraits that are pleasing to the eye, and not cringeworthy in the slightest.


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Alternative approach wedding photography

I don't come to your wedding with any preconceived notions. You, those that surround you, the environment, and the art that all those create inspire me. When I’m at your wedding, I’m building a story of images organically, documenting your wedding honestly and unobtrusively. I won’t ask you to freeze for a moment, or ask you to do that again. I focus on the real moments, not just the hip portraits. While these images are important, they can be dictated and controlled quite easily. No matter how relaxed, natural, or comfortable they seem, they're staged, and you more than anyone will know just how "organic" they are. While these kinds of Images can be amazing, when it's all said and done, you want to be left with something that is, and always was, real. 

The term Wedding Photographer is a restrictive and negative one associated with tack and forced smiles. I'm not one of those wedding photographers. I'm a Photographer that strives to make the best image not the best “wedding” image. I apply this thought process to your wedding to give you way more than just pretty pictures.


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Your Story

From getting ready through to the last dance, and quite possibly the after party. I will be there for all of it, documenting your day as it unfolds, naturally and unobtrusively. I will of course spend time taking family group photographs, and some time should be spent on portraits, but as a documentary photographer those are secondary to the complete moment driven story that is your wedding day.






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