john newsome

I am a photographer based in Southern California, and I specialize in photography for weddings and street photography.

In my role as a wedding photographer/ photographer of weddings, I specialize in outdoor and modern weddings. From rustic to urban modern and everything in between, I thoroughly enjoy the variety of weddings that come out from such diverse spaces and styles. My approach to any wedding is to work in the background. If you don’t know I’m there, then I feel like I’m doing my job well. This approach allows me to capture both the unscripted, tender moments and the wider context of the day itself.

I have a similar approach to street photography- perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to both fields. As a street photographer, I look to document moments and places as my camera and I see them. I’m particularly interested in urban landscapes because I find it ideal for experimenting with color and form, and seeking out the raw moments of people in motion, artifacts in situ, and change. Martin Parr, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Terry Richardson, and Juergen Teller are some of the photographers that inspire me. Juergen Teller’s notion of beauty in imperfection strikes a chord with me. In contrast to weddings which strive to be perfect- your wedding day ought to be perfect- streets can be literally and figuratively messy. But people, after all, care about their streets and places.  And that’s what I see. I constantly see the beauty and care in this “mess,” and it motivates me to shoot.

I was by no means born with a camera nor given one at ten years old. I first served in the British Army, and it was during my time as a soldier and biathlon skier training in Scandinavia and the Alps that I got interested in practicing photography. I continually practice my craft because I’m driven to produce cutting-edge and timeless images for my clients- and for me. I take my work seriously and am committed to producing the kind of images and visual narratives that I would want for myself. As a photographer, I feel fortunate that my career allows me to create art whilst working in an industry that serves and celebrates one of life’s most important events.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work.