We came to Party!! | What your wedding guests really want

People Party Hard

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Here is something to mull over as you plan your wedding day. I asked random guests at 4 different weddings this question:

-What did you most look forward to for this wedding?

Being democratic and not wanting this little side project to interfere with my work as a wedding photographer, I was totally random with the people I asked this question to and when I asked it. I didn’t write any of this down mind you. Here are the best responses, the gist of them anyway.

A - The Party, eating good food, drinking lots of booze. It’s kind of a reunion for me and many others. We came to party and celebrate with the couple

A - My state doesn’t allow me to smoke weed. I came to blaze, party, and to look for a new place of work in California

A - Food and Drink and no kids.

A - Dancing with my girls again!!!

A - The trip to California and enjoying my time here

A - This is my job (very well dressed vendor, perhaps wedding crasher, or maybe a paid date)

A - The pre-party, the party, the after-party, and the party the morning after.

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Most of the weddings I photograph tend to have amazing dance parties. The kind of wedding party you would totally crash if you had a chance to. It tends to be the reason I stick around for so long because the dance parts are so good, the DJ’s are killing it and it’s bouncin! I’m often faced with the question at 1 am, should I leave now, so I ask myself, do I want to go home, to bed? No. I’m I going to a better party somewhere else? No. Is this quite possibly the best place to be right now? Yes.

Wedding Parties are the best kind of party. Which got me thinking, just how big of a deal is the party and dancing to guests because it always looks like everybody is loving them, going all out bustin moves. I’m sure if I was the church wedding photographer photographing dry weddings under the watchful eye of God/Jesus then the answer would have been totally different. Thankfully these are my kind of people. 

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