Wedding at the Prado Balboa Park

This wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park was so creative and colorful with great design throughout. The Bride and her bridesmaids and some family members got ready at a really cool home in Bankers Hill San Diego which made for some really great photographs of the MUA and Hair styling. Champagne mimosas and bellini's flowed throughout the morning so the energy and vibe was very cool fun and relaxed, as it should be before getting hitch. Then it was off to the Prado square in Balboa Park for one epic looking ceremony spot. The Ceremony had no equal and it was the first time I'd ever seen dancing down the aisle by all the wedding party and parents. The bride and her father kept it more traditional and walked down the aisle to tears of joy from the groom whilst tourist looked on in amazement this balboa park wedding. When the Prado ceremony came to end, I took the bride and groom for a wander for some portraits. As much as I love Balboa parks beauty it can get a bit over done when it comes to portraits of the married couple, so I had to keep true to my own style and keep it minimal and simple. The Museum of Man in Balboa Park made a great place for my kind of wedding portraits. The simple pastel stone walls with perfect lighting and very little human traffic (in the form of tourists) made this place in Balboa Park the perfect place for Wedding Portraits. By the time Portraits had finished the Wedding Guests had been been arriving and enjoying the cocktails at the rooftop reception. I've been fortunate to photograph a few carpark-redesigns for weddings, it's usually a connection through family that makes it possible to have an event on a carpark rooftop. Here was no different, the building and connected carpark had the family name in large letters up high. The top two levels where used, the higher for dancing and mingling whilst the lower was for the dinner. Needless to say the night was an absolute blast!