Desert Wedding venues| Joshua Tree | Pioneertown | Le Haut Desert Aerie

The whole “Desert Wedding” has blown up recently and the demand for Desert Wedding Venues has increased significantly in the past 1 or 2. Here are just a few sampling of locations to get hitch at, in the Desert and close to Joshua Tree National Park.

Le Haut Desert Aerie

This venue #lehautdesertaerie is special and one that I’m used to working at. About 2 miles down a dusty road away from the small and quirky Pioneertown. It has an amazing ceremony site on what must be the most amazing backdrop if you’re into the whole desert vibe of course (who isn’t). The centerpiece of the site is a large natural and raw wooden arch that looks amazing when wrapped with other natural earthy good, or equally as great left alone. Hay bales or more traditional seating can be arraigned for the guest, but even with traditional wedding chairs this venue will be anything but traditional. Up the road from the ceremony site is a Airstream trailer that is kitted out with great style and is the perfect place for one of you two get ready, the men tend to like this spot leaving the bride to prep in the wonderful home a minutes walk further up from the Airstream trailer. Inside the home is a collection of Art and collectables from around the world. The Art on the walls is from the resident Artist and homeowner, and they’re nothing short of fantastic. His workshop is next door to the Airstream trailer. The home is kind of a multi level venue, with the entrance to the house on the upper ground level with room for tables and reception set up. Down a few grand step you have a open area that is great for an alternative ceremony site or for dancing and cocktails. Stunning views to be seen throughout this desert venue. It’s also worth walking up to the Buddhist temple site on the top of a small but steep hill. Another great thing about this place is the unique glamping site’s it has scattered around the grounds, each one very private in itself. They make great places for your closest friends and relatives to stay in when the wedding is over. Alternatively Pioneertown is not far away and it has the refurbished Pioneertown Motel and failing that the main road running through to Joshua tree has ample places to stay and is only a short drive away. Parking is not the best at the venue, but I’ve seen it work for sure. Might be best to shuttle the guests in and out, that why they won’t get lost on the way out (it’s super dark) and they can let loose when the party starts. Le Haut Desert Aerie is great place to get married, very unique and far from the city lights.

the road to
le haut desert aerie