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Le Haut Desert Aerie wedding Venue

My new favorite venue, officially le haut desert aerie! Since I first made a trip to explore the high desert, places like Joshua Tree and Pioneertown made me feel great. You know when you just feel right being in a place, that was how I felt visiting these places. I'm a Photographer so the landscapes helped with the visual aspect for sure. Joshua Tree is most likely the closest you will get to feeling like you're on another planet, and so it is no surprise that people visit from all over the World. That landscape continues throughout the high desert, through to Pioneertown which is not a national Park like Joshua Tree, but does still have the famous "Joshua Trees" and "moon rocks". As far as Weddings goes I think it's pretty much impossible to have one in Joshua Tree National Park if you're not a local with the local knowhow. This is where Pioneertown comes in to play. It has a few venues scattered about the small motion picture town but the best by far is Le Haut Desert Aerie. It's a turn off the tarmac road in Pioneertown, right next to the famous Pappy and Harriots. Roughly a 2 mile drive through the desert to this dreamy retreat. As soon as I turn off the main road I'm in heaven, I'm already in a good mood driving through the whole high desert, but now I'm really driving to the middle of nowhere with a purpose. 

If you have dreamed of a desert wedding celebration then you're a different kind of bride/groom already. You most likely don't want a cookie cutter wedding in a hotel ball roam surrounded by neon exit signs. You want a dream wedding which is unique and far from normal, in the best possible way. Le Haut Desert Aerie is that venue!! It's a home to Artists who open up the home as well as it's several glamping sites maybe a dozen times each year for weddings. The summer is just too hot to handle and the "winter" is unpredictable. Beside the weather, it's also a home and so holding Weddings each weekend is not a great idea if you want to keep your sanity, because weddings are hard and tiring. 

This Pioneertown Wedding venue is perfect because it's different to the norm, and if you really want awesome memories for all then different and amazing really leaves a lasting impression. The venue has certainly had that effect on me. Parking is tight so a shuttle is always best, besides your guest will likely want to let lose and so driving through the desert in the dark is not a good idea. The Glamping sites are amazing places to stay for the night, all seperate from each other to give you privacy. No city lights, just stars above and awesome landscapes.

I've Photographed a few Weddings at Le Haut Desert Aerie now and below are a few shots to show you the place. 

Desert Wedding Venue
le haut desert aerie wedding
Desert Aerie Wedding Venue
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joshua tree wedding
desert flowers at le haut desert aerie
le haut desert aerie wedding
party at le haut desert aerie
desert aerie wedding
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