Martin Johnson House Wedding | Buu & Shane Preview

Loved these two fun loving folks! Loved this Martin Johnson House Wedding that they made happen. All about Friends and Family and having fun, lot’s of it. With some cracking design details too, super impressive. Buu started of at the La Jolla Hotel with all her girls for all the hair and make-up. Amazing view of the la jolla coast from the window of the hotel! After the getting ready part of the day was done, we decided to take a few pictures of her and her girls and a few family groups shots also. This saves some time later in the day when everybody is at your wedding and the last thing you want to be doing is taking a shit tonne of images instead of hitting up the cocktail bar. So I also advise if possible to get at least part of the group shots done prior to the ceremony, usually this mean bridal party, since most others at not yet present and you haven’t seen your groom yet, so you can be doing any with him.

Next stop, is the last stop. The Martin Johnson House. Buu and Shane wanted a first look, something private and special that they could enjoy together, without the pressure of having a 100+ people watching you. I know some cool little areas near to the main house. I took them to one directly on the cliff, with a few pines present for shade from the midday heat. This made the perfect first look spot. I had shane wait at the top of some steps, looking out towards towards the oceans, Buu approached and they embraced lovingly, a few tears of happiness were shed. A few portraits of the couple followed and then it was back to the house to hide for the couple, and for me to document the arrival of guests and capture a few wedding details also.

The ceremony came and went, finishing with a dance back down the aisle at the end, in true Buu and Shane style. Cocktail hour and just a handful of group shots since we covered the majority earlier in the day, meant that the bride and groom could enjoy the hour, which happens to be one of my favorites to photograph, win, win! Good food followed as well as drinks, and everybody was ready for a good old knees up! Speeches, toasts and then dance! And dance they did, proper good party it was too!