Those pesky moment driven "photographers" do my head in

Moment Driven Wedding Photography | Real Photography

I'm tired, I've had enough of seeing the same old uninspiring wedding photographs, the over saturated and posed imagery that floods social media and wedding blogs alike, all done by crappy uninspiring "moment driven wedding photographers" that claim to be creative superstars. The "moment driven" photographer that fails to capture any moments of authenticity with any true skill, yet feel that the fake images they show are good enough to fool you into believing they're indeed true authentic moments and are the result of being a "moment driven" wedding photographer. So they promote themselves with these fake wedding images along with that term (or something similar). Moment Driven is a nice phrase, but these photographers assume you're a fool that is swayed by words and nice catchy phrases, they believe if it's written then you will believe it to be true. They're the "pros" after all, so they know more than you.

That same photographer spends more time shooting styled mock weddings in the middle of nowhere after renting a dress from some hipster bridal boutique, and telling a florist friend that if they can provide the flowers then it will be worth it. Because they (collectively) will post the crap out of the shoot on instagram, pinterest and facebook, and attempt to get a major blog to pick it up and drive clients there way. Some even have a whole set of wedding vendors with them, the wedding invitations, flowers, dress, groom & bride, some vintage furniture and table decor, maybe even a mock cake. The Photographer is the director, telling everyone where to be, in what area and under what kind of light, and it's easy, because everybody is a pro. It goes so well and everybody likes the images and even a blog picks it up and shares it with 30000 potential clients (followers) to drool over. Success! The Photographer then wants more, more likes, more shares and more clients, so they plan another FAKE shoot, this time in a forrest, different feels and vibes ya get. Before you know it, every photographer is doing the same thing and whole industry seems to be one big fake wedding now, glammed up to the max. Wedding Photography doesn't need to be like this. It doesn't need to be one big production that is directed by a wedding photographer and his crew. It doesn't need to be shot with the intention to get it blogged. It can be so much more than that.

I'm a photographer that understands photography, I understand that an image doesn't need to be pretty or dreamy in order for it to be a great photograph. Photography does a lot, but it does one thing exceptionally well, it freezes moments in time. For me, weddings are filled with moments and I'm not stupid enough to believe that those raw organic moments are in sync with the wedding timeline, with all in attendance crying and laughing along with the script, first kiss, toast, father daughter dance etc. Moments happen spontaneously and a photographer that has spent their career being in charge of those "fake moments" doesn't quite have the skill set to capture an honest moment well. My photography is not scripted nor pressured to be like the rest, this gives me freedom to float about during wedding, finding real moments, because moments don't follow the script and it's pretty much impossible to plan for "real moments". My background as a street photographer has taught me a lot, like how to read the scene and anticipate a moment, how to compose well with what is in front of you, and all the technical speed and knowhow needed to get the shot in that one instance. This way of shooting is the best way to capture uninterrupted truth, and raw imagery. 

So if you want the truth documented at your wedding then you need to look harder and deeper at the wedding photographers you find. If you want pinterest worthy pretty images only, then you have thousands of moment driven wedding photographers to choose from, all of them wanting to become your BFFs apparently (but at a cost of course). But in both instances you must look at the images, and forget the words. The words can be read afterwards.