Off the cuff wedding photography | Street style photograper

Off the cuff wedding photography | The Alternative to the norm in the wedding industry

street wedding photography | off the cuff

Not for the masses, absolutely for the minority. Off the cuff wedding photography / Street style wedding photography is as far removed from typical wedding photography as you can get. It’s sole aim is to take images that please as images, standing alone, or as part of a wider story. Doing so without interference or having built up preconceived notions about how to achieve this. It’s not going to be dictated photography, nor is it going to be curated storytelling. Nothing fancy pants and glam, and most likely lacking in dreamy/creamy images of the bride looking out the window. Street Photography and off the cuff wedding photography is the alternative to the standard wedding photography that floods your search engines, Instagram feeds and the rest. Off the cuff is not thinking about being blogged by Green wedding shoes, it’s thinking about you and your environment and the atmosphere you create within it, and documenting just that. It’s using and exposing the truth in order to give you a true collection of images that are as real and raw as you can imagine, wedding images that speak to you for years to come. Images that bring love and laughter equally, that show the lost details and unknown moments. The type of images that a photographer can appreciate, images that an artist or lover of art can see and believe in. It’s creating Art with photography, but at your wedding.

off the cuff wedding photography | Street style

“To see something spectacular and recognize it as a photographic possibility is not making a very big leap. But to see something ordinary, something you’d see every day, and recognize it as a photographic possibility - that is what I am interested in.” 
       - Steven Shore

off the cuff wedding photos

The above quote resonates with me. I have been in this industry for long enough now. I understand the motives for wedding photographers. It is to produce a safe collection of images like the ones they produced at the last wedding, but only this time with your faces planted on them instead. It’s picking up on popular images that others have used and copying them, because they understanding that the large majority of people do in fact want just that kind of imagery at their wedding. It keeping with routine, and keeping up appearances and getting paid for it, but quite frankly it's boring and lacks life and I would rather be paid for something else before I give up my artistic integrity. I am a photographer. I walk 2-3 times a week shooting street photography. Practicing my craft and becoming a better photographer for it. I don’t spend hours on wedding blogs looking for material that I can copy at the next wedding. For me, this is Art. I can’t create Art by doing the same as everyone else. It’s not fulfilling, it’s not creative, and it’s easy. I want to be fulfilled, I want to create what others can’t and I want to be challenged and pushed throughout.

street photography wedding

So if you’re a free thinking creative type, or someone who can see straight through the "fakeness" of the norm, or just prefer a different take of the old wedding lark. I’m here to let you know, you are not alone. I believe that your wedding/gathering is not solely about holy matrimony under one god and sticking to a strict guidelines set by our grandparents in a different era. It’s about a celebration of your love, it’s about good times with loved ones. It’s not about leaving your guests for 3 hours to trek up a mountain for a vanity shoot. It’s about being present on this one very important day in your life. I can create Art from your day, without having to dictate your every move. 

off the cuff wedding photography