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As a kid, growing up far from any desert, this was what I thought deserts looked like. I spend much more time in the High Desert, places like Joshua Tree, Pioneertown, and Palm Springs, usually to photograph weddings and engagements, but I'd never seen anything like this out that way. The Sand Dunes of Glamis, around about 2/3hrs east of San Diego, are pretty spectacular. I would recommend the long drive, just make sure you have good company for it, like I did for this Engagement shoot with Alexis & JJ. I'd heard of the place from friends, but just never actually got around to visiting, so of course when Alexis and JJ said that this was an something they wanted to do, I jumped right on board! The drive is long, but honestly it's kind of alright, it's not like sitting in traffic in the middle of LA screaming and honking like a mad man. It's a road trip with plenty to view along the way, like loads of places. I think one day I will travel east on the 8 highway with my camera and with every intention of stopping every 2-5mins and with no destination in mind, making the trip the photoshoot. Well back to the Sand Dunes, upon arriving it was clear to see that the place had a mad infestation of ATV & moto-cross enthusiasts. It's not hard to see why they would travel from far and wide to ride the sand waves, but I had a vision and it didn't involve tracks all over the clean sand. I wanted a minimal look, the dunes are a calming place visually (without tracks) and I wanted to portray that look with these images. It's a shame the place is so far away and makes scouting and research prior to shooting, kind of hard. It's kinda pot luck really. But we lucked out in the end, the slightly smaller dunes across the road had zero off roaders buzzing up and down. So we took a walk and actually found some sick shapes in the sand. The shoot lasted about an hour, then the sun kinda started dusking out on us, but it was more than enough time to get some great shots. Here are just a few of my favorites from this engagement shoot at Glamis Sand Dunes.

Sand Dunes Engagement
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Engagement at the San Dunes of Glamis