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Wedding Sparkler exit

Gotta love a sparkler exit at weddings. Done right they can create a great atmospheric mood that photographs oh so well, if you know what you're doing of course. I've done quite a few in my time and here are my top 5 tips to getting it done right.

1. Figure out the lines beforehand. You want a good sized gap to walk through, but not so wide that it's no longer intimate. Start with a gap of 8-10ft, knowing that guest will push in closer to 6ft, which is ideal.

2. Get some decent lighters because holding one tiny little flame is gonna take too long. Remember you want the last sparkler lit before the first one runs out, so having a few decent lighters to get the ball rolling is a good idea. The sparklers don't last that long. Once a few have been lit people will be able to light from each others sparklers and you will be ready to go.

3. Don't light a batch of them to save time, they do explode and i've seen the result of an explosion twice now. It burns. So one at a time is best if you want your guests to be safe. It might sound pretty obvious but you will always have the eager beavers who think it's a good idea. Usually it's the guys after a few too many at the free bar.

4. Keep moving and keep looking forward. You want a good photograph so have fun with it but remember the photographer is in front of you. Movement in the image adds romance so fly on through, because a static image is a stall image.

5. Hold hands and and walk side by side. I've done one sparkler exit at a wedding where the gap was to small (like a tunnel arch), the bride led the way with the groom blocked from view. Again you want an image from this so make sure you're both visible to the photographers eye.

wedding sparkler exit