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San Diego Garden Wedding

San Diego Garden Wedding

Lindsay & Nate were married here in San Diego in the most beautiful garden wedding I've seen. Here on the California coast, at a family members wonderful home. Lindsey's cousin Alexis is the home owner, she also happens to be a designer, and she insisted some time ago that her home and garden would be the place that Nate and Lindsey would be married among family and friends.

I met Lindsey and Nate a few months before the wedding, at the home in which they would get married. I saw great and unique potential in the venue straight away, the Home and Garden was quite something. I remember the tour they gave me of the house, every room was a delight to view, every little detail was well placed and thought out. It was clear that this was the home of an Artist who can work wonders with space. Lindsey and Nate confirmed that Alexis was in fact an Artist (a designer by trade) who would also be the one designing the wedding, just perfect I thought to myself. Lindsey & Nate talked to me about the plans her cousin had for the day, and it all sounded perfect. I took it all in whilst thinking once again, oh man, I seem to hit the jackpot every single time with my couples".

Lindsey and Nate were the perfect couple for me, an easy going and loving couple. When the wedding came the vibe was just that, easy going with plenty of love in the air from the couple and Family and Friends alike. It was Family and Friends that came to the house the day before the wedding to scrub the exterior walls in preparation for the wedding day. They came back the morning of the wedding to put the whole thing together, the flowers, the hauling of tables & chairs, even climbing trees to add the draping fabric that would cover the enter space. That just doesn't happen for most people, Lindsey and Nate were loved by many and this showed that. The end result was nothing short of amazing.

The day itself was full of love and happiness throughout and it was a joy to photograph. The day was perfect in so many ways and I hope my images can show you just how amazing it was